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Book Trailer February may be the month of love, but for Sarita Saint, February 1993 marks three years of sobriety from the very notion of being in love with the perfect man. Ever since Ray left her for another woman on their one-year wedding anniversary, Sarita has struggled to understand what went wrong in their marriage. ​ Sarita’s now olymp trade india login a single mother, trying to move forward but set back by a brief and damaging relationship with Dr. Lex. His untimely death has placed her across the table from Dr. Lex’s first wife, where Sarita will learn some things about her own need for closure from Ray. Then, devastating news about her best friend, Sharon, sends her into a tailspin. Decisions will be made that Sarita will question decades later. ​ Ray Saint wants to start over with Sarita, his first love he left years https://www.olymptrade.com.in/ ago. He plans to prove to her that he is the man she always thought he was—loyal, caring, intelligent, and most importantly, completely in love with Sarita. But she’s moved on with a new man and a new career. She’s grown since Ray left, changed in ways that not even he could have imagined. Told from the perspectives of Sarita Saint, the jilted wife; Ray Saint, the self-professed changed man; and Boone www.olymptrade.com.in/ Sawyer, Ray’s former best friend; and intertwined in this thought-provoking story that embraces middle age, the three explore lost opportunities and uncover layers of deceit as they question what love means. ​ Now available in paperback, kindle e-book, and audiobook. Purchase from Amazon.com Available in audiobook from Audible.com and iTunes