He left me.

I moved on.

He wants me back.


Does love have an expiration date?


Meet the new Sarita Saint. Everyone changes in three decades, but Sarita s not at all the same woman that her husband of only one year abandoned. Ray s back and eager to start over with Sarita, however, her transformation is long since complete.


But one thing hasn't changed: her need for closure about their brief, failed marriage. Ray Saint is the only person who can give that to her.


After Ray, the third book of the Until Ray trilogy, is told from the perspectives of Sarita Saint, the jilted wife; Raymond Saint, the self-professed changed man; and Boone Sawyer, Ray s former best friend. Intertwined in this thought-provoking story that embraces middle age, the three explore lost opportunities and uncover layers of deceit as they question what love means.

After Ray paperback edition

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