Meet the Characters Giveaway

This is my first of many giveaways that I'll feature on my blog. And the best way to kick these off is with an introduction of most, but not all, of the characters in my forthcoming novel, Until Ray.

The giveaway ends on June 27, 2017 at 12:01 a.m.

So let's get started.

The steps are outlined above and below.


  1. Subscribe to my blog. I'll only send out giveaway and contest information as well as book release information. Once a month at the most.

  2. Listen to the audio introductions. The introductions were recorded using professional voice actors. I wrote scripts for each character, and there aren't any plot spoilers in any of the introductions.

  3. Tell one thing you know about the character. In the comment section below, simply state one thing that you found from listening to one of the characters. If you noticed that someone has already posted what you were going to post, post something different because the first unique post is the one that will count.

You have several chances to win because you're not restricted to the number of times you post only to what you say in each post. Your post can be short. Just tell the character's name and what you know. You can post several times about the same character, and you can also post about one or more or all of the characters.

Example: Boone is from Jefferson, Texas. (Now, you can't use that one, sorry)

It's that simple.

I hope people participate because I'd love to give these gift cards away, and I really want people to meet the characters and listen to voice actors do what they love.

Please note, I'm also doing a contest by the same name on Facebook, but this one is for my blog only. However, you can certainly enter both.

Now, for the characters:

Cynthia Meyers

Miss King and Raymond Saint, Sr.

Vera and Paw Paw



Boone and Sharon

Dr. Graham Emerson

Faith and Joy

Veronica Deering

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