Why You Should Read UNTIL RAY

Until Ray is my tenth book, and, in the past, I would try to get everyone to read my books: family, best friend, friends, friends of friends, significant other, ex-husband, long lost relatives, co-workers, my miniature Schnauzer, former classmates—everyone. However, after sixteen years of writing, I realize that it is more difficult to get people I know to read my books then it is to get complete strangers. Even my sister. I am happy to report, though, that my sister was my first beta reader for Until Ray. However, she did not read the book. She listened to each chapter after I recorded it for her, and she provided me with her detailed feedback. That was the best way for me to compete with her hectic work schedule.

I do understand that people are busy, and I am competing for your time. Many of you have spouses, significant others, and children. Some of you have children going off to college for the first time. I understand. There are millions of books on the market, and there’s also TV. Season two of Insecure is airing soon and Queen Sugar already started. Those are my two favorite shows, so I know. I want to know if Issa and Lawrence get back together, or if he is still going to be with Tasha, the bank teller. I do not want him with her. Also, it is summer, which means lots of activities, and here I come with my book, which is why I priced it free. It will be free at select retail outlets, but 99 cents is the lowest Amazon will price a book, initially. I am hopeful that once my book is available on Barnes and Noble's website that Amazon will price match.

So here’s why you should read Until Ray.

It will prepare you for the second book in the trilogy. Who says you want to read the second book? I do. Trust me on this. I want readers to get to know Ray Saint and Sarita Deering while they are young, in their twenties, and just entering adulthood. Please read Until Ray before the second book comes out in January 2018. It will enhance the reader’s experience for the second book. I wrote the second book in the trilogy before writing Until Ray, and the second book will be in three formats: paperback, e-book, and audio. When I noticed there was too much backstory in the second book weighing the story down, I moved it into what was supposed to be an eighty-page prequel. However, Ray and Sarita had a lot to say, so it grew to 371 pages. (The page count listed on Amazon’s website is incorrect.)

Also, please read Until Ray before I start marketing the second book in October. Once I start marketing the second book, there will be spoilers for Until Ray--major ones.

I put my all into writing the trilogy, so if you enjoy reading adult fiction with a relationship theme (I do not recommend this book for anyone under the age of 18) and don't mind being transported back to the eighties, for the first book, then you should read my latest novel.

While you are waiting at the hair salon, at the barber shop (yes, men should read my book), on your lunch break, riding the subway or bus, at your dentist's office, on vacation, or curled up in bed with the TV off, please consider Until Ray.

So, Until Ray’s official release date is tomorrow, June 27. I am hopeful that many of you will welcome my characters into your lives and get to know them.

For now, thank you all for your consideration.

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