Insecure Season 2: Episode 1 Recap/Review (spoilers)

"Sometimes you just need to know when to give up. "

My immediate feeling as the closing credits rolled: Mixed emotions and a little upset.

HBO's Insecure follows the lives of two best friends: Issa and Molly, but for this review I am going to focus on Issa's storyline because it's what I've been waiting for since last season ended. Will Lawrence and Issa get back together?

First, let me say, this is the first time that watching a recap of the previous season brought back such negative emotions. For the record, I'm Team Issa. However, obviously what Issa did to Lawrence in season one was wrong. She was in a long-term relationship with him, and they lived together, and she betrayed his trust. I was upset that she cheated, but I believe that she was instantly remorseful. She made a mistake, and she realized who she truly loved and wanted was the man she already had. Unfortunately, Lawrence found out about the fling, and he couldn't handle it, so he left and started seeing Tasha, a teller at his bank.

Fast forward to the new season. In the opening scene, Issa goes out with several men she meets online, and the dates are all the same. She's just not into any of them. Naturally, she's still thinking about Lawrence.

As always there are scenes with Issa at work, but I wasn't paying much attention to those because I wanted to see how the Lawrence situation would be handled.

A jury duty notice comes in the mail for Lawrence. Lawrence doesn't have a permanent address yet and is merely crashing at a friend's apartment. Evidently, he feels more comfortable with his mail still going to his old residence, which is his ex-girlfriend's apartment. That tells me that he still has feelings for Issa. He still wants a connection and isn't severing all ties. There is still hope.

Issa texts Lawrence to let him know about his jury duty notice, which is something he can not blow off. He tells her that he's coming over the next day to get his mail, and she throws a party because Molly said when a man sees you're happy without them, they want you back. However, he doesn't get to see her happy because he texts her during the party and tells her he can't make it and to put his mail in the mail.

The next scene shows Lawrence taking Tasha out to dinner, which was the reason he couldn't pick his mail up. I want to know what's up with Tasha. Right now, she's very accommodating to him, but I don't believe that's who she really is. I'm willing to bet she's possessive. They showed a very slight glimpse of that.

Finally, Lawrence goes over Issa's apartment to get his mail. I believe it's the same night of the party, but later in the evening after everyone has left. Issa has on a top and boyshorts. She hesitates before answering the door as if she's thinking about changing, but answers it anyway, which is understandable. They lived together for at least ten years, so he has seen her that way countless times. When she opens the door, she looks sad as she hands over his mail. She doesn't invite him in, but he makes an excuse to get inside, which I took as a good sign. At that point, I was thinking they were going to have a long conversation, and she was once again going to express her regret for cheating, and it would be a step toward their eventual reconciliation. Instead, they have a quickie on the couch that Lawrence initiates. My first thought was Issa's dreaming again. Moreover, I was thinking if this is a dream, I'm going to be upset. This better not be a dream. However, then when it was over in about five seconds, and he left, I was mad that it wasn't a dream.

"Sometimes you just need to know when to give up. "

At this point, I am ready for Issa to date. Lawrence can have Tasha. I want to see Issa date a few men and then meet a nice man who makes her forget all about Lawrence because when that happens Lawrence probably will start thinking about her again. It's time for Kofi Siriboe to make a few guest appearances and become Issa's new man. Because part of the whole reason Issa cheated on Lawrence was because she was bored with their relationship, and he was content. In season one, I got the feeling that she was carrying the bulk of the financial load and had been for awhile, and she lost respect for Lawrence. She was feeling like the man in the relationship. On top of that, their relationship became too routine. Once he got a new job things seemed to turn around, but then her cheating was exposed. I was rooting for them, but after that quickie on the couch and knowing Tasha's waiting in the wings, maybe they do need a break.

I would also love to see Issa get a new job and a new apartment. For some reason, I don't feel a connection to Issa's job. I feel one for Molly's. I love seeing Molly at work in her sharp outfits handling her business. However, Issa's job hasn't drawn me in. I want her to do something else.

Rating: A++ - I love this show and highly recommend it!

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