Insecure Season 2 Hella Questions

Once again, while the second episode of season two was great, it left me feeling sad by the end. Now, it is obvious that Issa and Lawrence are not getting back together anytime soon, if ever, which is fine with me. Most of us have heard that it is harder for men to forgive a woman's infidelity than for a woman to forgive a man's. It is clear that while Lawrence loves Issa, he cannot forgive her for cheating on him. Now, Issa must move on from her five-year relationship with a man she pretty much supported for two of those years and who she also loves.

Molly, Issa’s best friend, breaks the news to Issa that Lawrence wants to move on and won’t be coming back to her. That hurt Issa so badly. At the end of this episode, Issa is putting her clothes on the side of the closet that Lawrence used, and her pillow has shifted to the middle of the bed they used to share. I hope that Issa changes her mind and doesn’t go through a wild stage and start sleeping around with random men she meets online and in bars. The text she sent at the end of this episode brought me down. It is always the end of these episodes that brings me down. Last week, I had the same reaction.

Meanwhile, Lawrence seems to be rebounding with Tasha, the bank teller, who finally let Lawrence know she is not just a fun girl. She set her expectations with him after he confessed that he slept with his ex (Issa). Tasha made him leave her apartment, and I respected her for that. However, I still don’t want Tasha and Lawrence together. She is a rebound. Though, I do believe Lawrence has more respect for her now. It appears he will be spending time with her outside of her apartment because in the previews for the next episode Lawrence attends Tasha’s family picnic.

Next week looks to be another great episode. However, I hate that I have to wait a week just to watch thirty minutes. It needs to be on for an hour! I am looking forward to seeing Issa’s and Molly’s nightclub/bar adventures as well as watching Lawrence interact with Tasha’s family.

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