EX-RAY Audiobook Feedback

Next month, I’ll start recording the Ex-Ray audiobook. Before I get started, I’d love to receive some constructive criticism from you. I’ve been practicing with the first two chapters.

My goal is to provide an enjoyable and believable performance for the listener.

Please feel free to listen to the first two chapters by clicking here.

Then, please complete the Ex-Ray Audiobook Feedback form by clicking here.

Of course, you can listen at your own pace, and please feel free to share the link with your friends and/or family.

Also, please don’t forget to enter your details on the Gleam form below for a chance to win a $100 Amazon.com Gift Card.


(12/4/2017 @7:45 p.m.) I didn't edit out a portion when I was out of character and talking to my miniature Schnazuer....oops. So, I need to edit that out of Chapter 2 and then I'll reupload it. I'm glad that was caught before it was all packaged and ready to go.

(12/4/2017 @5:30 p.m.) Based on feedback that I've received, I made changes to a few of the characters voices. I uploaded a revised chapter two this morning, and I just uploaded the revised Chapter 1. I want to thank everyone who has already provided your feedback because it's really helping me.

Also, two of the three $10 gift cards that didn't have a name or email address, only the IP address, are still unclaimed. If they remain unclaimed, I will give those away by a random drawing of those who provided feedback.

(12/3/2017 @ 10:30 p.m.) There are no more $10 Gift Cards available unless the three that are unclaimed remain unclaimed for another five days, and then I will pick the next three people who answer the survey.

Beth Bachman, Tishira Brown, Mandy Bruenger, Andrea Lynn Tummons, and Emily Zuker provided thorough surveys. I will send out your gift cards today.

Three gift cards are still unclaimed by people who didn't leave their names or email addresses, but I have your IP address. If you believe you filled out a thorough survey, not skipping any questions, email your IP address to me at info@untilraytrilogy.com and I can check it.

Please keep in mind everyone who completes a survey is automatically placed into the $100 Amazon.com Gift Card giveaway as long as you enter through the Gleam app below.

(12/2/2017@10:30 a.m.) Two $10 Amazon.com Gift cards have been sent out so far, but neither of them have been claimed. Franie King and Cheryl Burns please check your inbox. The Gift Cards are coming directly from Amazon.com.

Three others completed thorough surveys but didn't leave their contact information. You can email info@untilraytrilogy.com with your IP address and I can match them that way.

There are still five (5) $10 Amazon.com Gift cards available for those who complete a thorough survey not skipping any questions.

(12/1/2017@8:40 P.M.) Hooray! I've received my first thorough survey with contact information from Franie King. I will send you a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card right now to the email address you provided. It will come directly from Amazon.com, so check your email shortly. I'm still awaiting three others to claim their gift cards. Six (6) $10 Amazon Gift Cards are still available, and everyone who enters is still eligible to win one (1) $100 Amazon.com Gift Card that will be randomly drawn on December 27. I'll provide my next update tomorrow for those who might be wondering if all of the $10 Gift Cards have been claimed.

(12/1/2017 @ 6:20 P.M.) I have updated the survey form to include a contact field, which will make it much easier going forward. There are still seven (7) $10 Amazon Gift Cards available, but I am still awaiting to hear from three people who filled out the other survey and didn't leave any contact information. Also, please keep in mind that you do have to fill out the Gleam form below, and this is open to US residents only.

(12/1/2017 @5:36 P.M.) I have received 7 surveys, three of them are thorough, but none included their name and/or email address in the comment box. It's important to put in your name and or email address somewhere on the form, and to complete the survey thoroughly to receive a $10 Amazon.com gift card. All seven are still eligible to win one randomly drawn $100 Amazon gift card. If you believe you are one of the three who filled out a complete survey and should receive a $10 Amazon.com Gift card, please email info@untilraytrilogy.com with your computer's IP address as I can track it that way. I will then send you a $10 Amazon.com gift card.

(12/1/2017 @ 3:30 P.M.) No thorough surveys have been completed, so there are still ten $10 Amazon.com Gift Cards available. I will update as each gift card is claimed.

(12/1/2017) The first ten to complete a thorough* survey will receive a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card. Make sure to put your name and/or email address in the comment section on the bottom of the survey.

*A thorough survey is one that includes your name and/or email address and details about the recording, so that I can tell you actually listened to it. All of the comment boxes should be completed as well.

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