GOOD LOVE New Release Q&A

Please tell us a little about your latest novel.

Good Love is the love story of Sarita and Boone, who are two characters that I introduced in the Until Ray trilogy. The story is told from both of their perspectives and is set in the mid- to late nineties. For me, it was gratifying to return to an era before the rise of the internet and social media. As I was writing as well as researching, I smiled several times remembering what used to be all the rage back then.

Good Love is a standalone novel, and for those who read the entire trilogy, it does go back to a time before the end of the trilogy, so some readers may feel as if I’m taking them back, and I am. I’m taking all of those who wish to go back to the mid-nineties with these characters and see precisely what happened after Sharon died. I think Good Love is the perfect book to curl up with on the weekend and either meet all new characters or reacquaint themselves with ones they already know.

Where is Good Love available for purchase?

Good Love will be available in e-book format exclusively on, and next month it will be available as an audiobook on,, and iTunes.

Please explain the cover design.

The same woman on the cover of After Ray is also on the Good Love cover. On After Ray, her face isn’t shown. Boone is from Texas, and it was established in Until Ray that he wears a cowboy hat and boots. Since the pair is leaving Detroit and going to Texas to a horse ranch, I wanted to showcase a scene that relates to the story. I feel it adds some depth to the reader’s imagination. The question I’d like to pose to readers familiar with Boone is if they think the man standing beside Sarita is Boone.

Why did you write Good Love after the trilogy?

I wanted to know more about the relationship between Boone and Sarita. While Good Love is the start of a new series, it could also be considered the final piece to the trilogy—it shows the reader what actually happened between not only Sarita and Boone but also Sarita and Graham. Of course, if you already read the trilogy, you can draw your own inferences based on what the trilogy provided, but if you want to see it all unfold, then Good Love will do that for you.

Boone is one of my favorite characters, so I may have also written Good Love because I couldn’t get enough of Boone. Readers aren’t the only ones who need to escape. Perhaps I was writing my idea of a perfect man. A friend of mine, who’s a man, likes Ray but doesn’t like Boone at all. He said men like Boone are considered weak; but I disagree, and we debated that. Neither of us budged on our opinion. To me, Boone is a man who wants to be loved and knows how to love a woman correctly. Often, it’s women who are portrayed as seeking love, but there are men out there who want the same thing. They want their best friend and partner to go through life with them. In my opinion, Boone is a powerful man because he’s not afraid to express his feelings and display his vulnerabilities.

For those who prefer to listen to audiobooks, when will the Good Love audiobook be released? Also, please share any other details about the audiobook performance, etcetera.

I planned to also have the audiobook available on September 18, but once an audiobook is submitted, it’s a waiting game for approval, which usually takes ten to fourteen days, but can vary. I also needed more time with the final mastering of this audiobook. I’m doing the performance again, and with each book, I learn even more. I’m still new to narrating, but I’m pleased with how I do male characters. It had always been a focus of mine to make the male characters sound believable. However, while I focused on that, I didn’t realize that my pacing was off, so for Good Love, I slowed the performance down quite a bit so the listener can take in the words better.

Will Until Ray ever be released as an audiobook?

Yes, before the end of the year.

Please tell readers a little more about your first series.

Good Love is a series of standalone novels. The reader will know by the Good Love seal on the front cover. Unlike the Until Ray trilogy where the front cover and interior design were all similar, the only thing connecting the books from an appearance standpoint will be the seal. Each novel is written as a standalone. There are no cliffhangers, but that doesn’t mean the ending is wrapped up in a cute little bow, either; however, every major plot point raised during the story will be resolved by the end of the story. Also, all the books are connected. The main character of the new book will be in the previous book.

When will the next book in the series be released, and can you share any details?

The next book in the series will be released in December, and it’s also a love story that introduces a brand-new cast of characters. One of the main characters is presented very briefly in Good Love. I’m curious to see if readers can guess who it is.

You released this book on what would have been your father’s eighty-ninth birthday. Is there any significance to the actual story as it relates to your father?

None at all. My father was very supportive of my writing. He encouraged me and read all of my books. I wanted to honor his memory, and I plan to always release a book on his birthday, going forward. The reason I priced the e-book at $3.89 instead of $3.99 is also because of my dad. He would have turned eighty-nine, September 18, the day Good Love is released.

How can readers stay in contact with you?

I love receiving feedback from readers. My Facebook page and the website are the best ones to use to stay in touch. Also, please sign up for my mailing list as well as visit me at and send me a message. Also, if you prefer to email me and share your thoughts about any of the books you’ve read of mine, please email me at

To purchase a copy of Good Love today, please click here to be directed to Amazon.

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