Lily: A Miss King Novel

January 26 marks the release of Lily, the first book in my new series that delves into the life of one of my most beloved characters, Miss King. Readers will remember the strong and saucy Lily King who appears in the Until Ray trilogy, in Gourmet, and Good Love.

The book opens during Lily’s troubled childhood in Detroit in the 1950s, an era of racial segregation and great conflict. An ultimate survivor determined to fight her way to wholeness, Lily King is a product of the abuse she endures at the hands of her morbidly obese and racially ambiguous mother and by men in her mother’s life, as well as life-changing interaction with others—some kindhearted, others cruel—the bright and gritty young girl encounters. I invite you to take this journey through history while you explore Miss King’s life and the fascinating characters who contribute to the formation of the resolute Lily King.


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